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At Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair, we specialise in fixing any problems that may arise with commercial appliances. We understand that you need properly working appliances to keep your business up and running. Our staff aims to fix any commercial appliance problems quickly and thoroughly. The service and dedication that our repair staff provides makes Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair a standout amongst other Los Angeles repair services.

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Commercial Appliance Repair

Whether your commercial stove or oven’s pilot lights are not working or your freezer is refusing to stay sufficiently cold, we are here to ease your stress. Our skilled and friendly staff are experts in repairing commercial stoves, ovens, ice machines, sub zeros, freezers and refrigerators. No matter what is broken and why it needs repair, we are here as your own personal support team!

At Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair, we understand that problems can arise at any hour of the day or night. Hotels and many restaurants operate seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day and owners can never anticipate when an appliance issue will come up. For this reason, we also operate seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. This way, you know that you can always count on us to quickly respond to any appliance malfunctions and calls for help. You can rest easy knowing that even in the late hours of the night, our service team is only a phone call away.

Don’t spend another day coping with an ice machine that is malfunctioning or struggling through dinner service with an oven that refuses to hold the correct temperature. Instead trust your appliances to our team at Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair.

For the best commercial appliance repair team that Los Angeles has to offer, contact us today with any further questions, to make an appointment, or to get a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you and are eager to help with all of your appliance problems.

What We Specialize In


Commercial Refrigerator Repair
Commercial Freezer Repair
Sub Zero Repair
Ice Machine Repair
Commercial Oven Repair
Commercial Stove Repair

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

A commercial refrigerator that is not functioning can cause a disastrous situation. Food that is not properly cooled has the potential to be extremely dangerous to diners. Los Angeles’ warm weather can exasperate problems and issues should be dealt with as quickly as possible. If your commercial refrigerator is broken or has been malfunctioning, Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair is here to help!

Our expert service staff have a remarkable knowledge of commercial refrigerators, be they roll in and rack models, walk-ins, under-counter, or any other kind of unit. The repair team also have experience working with all major refrigerator brands. This knowledge allows our experts to quickly and thoroughly repair any commercial refrigeration problem.

Problems with fan motors, thermostats, compressors, wiring, electrical consumption, and capillary tubing are the most common trouble areas when a commercial refrigerator is having problems. In order to fix these issues. Our team will use only quality products, guaranteeing that a quick-fix has not been performed whereby the appliance will break again a short time later. We provide only the best in service and products.

At Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair we pride ourselves on our customer service. Not only does this mean that we will provide prompt and thorough services, it also means that we will keep you informed every step of the way. Our staff consistently updates customers on timelines and prices. With Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair, you will never have to worry about elongated repair times or secret charges.

Commercial Freezer Repair

A freezer on the fritz is one of the worst things that can happen in a kitchen. Although annoying for residential kitchens, it can spell disaster for a commercial one. Unlike the typical Hollywood representation of binge-eating ice cream to keep it from melting, the breakdown of a commercial freezer can cause very-real health risks to diners. The freezer in question needs to be promptly and thoroughly fixed.

At Pacific Commercial Appliance Repairs, we pride ourselves on being able to quickly respond to any and all commercial freezer problems. Our skilled staff have expertise on these problems and are experienced in repairing all major freezer brands. Freezer problems should be addressed quickly to save you from high energy use and profit loss. The longer the freezer is broken, the more likely it is to need an expensive repair so contacting out staff as soon as possible is highly recommended.

A freezer’s evaporators and condensers are two common freezer issues that can arise. Many times a problem with an evaporator can indicate that the entire unit needs to be replaced. Before scraping the freezer altogether, contact Pacific Commercial Appliance Repairs. We always communicate openly and honestly with our customers about timelines and costs. If a unit should be replaced altogether, our repairmen will not hesitate to tell you and will try to provide you with the lowest-cost, highest-quality solution possible.

Sub Zero Repair

Sub-Zero prides itself on being the top of the line refrigerator and freezers on the market. When buying a commercial Sub-Zero product, you are providing your business with nothing but the very best. When your Sub-Zero needs repairs, only trust the best trained technicians to get the product back to new. Trust the knowledgeable and experienced staff of Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair to return your Sub-Zero to its former glory.

Our service staff is trained to repair all Sub-Zero products. We understand that kitchen equipment is an essential part of your business’ success and that it should be treated carefully and respectfully. Using only quality parts, our repair staff will work tirelessly to guarantee that the Sub-Zero unit is comprehensively repaired, therefore decreasing the need for any follow-up repairs.
The staff of Pacific Commercial Appliance Repairs are specially trained to repair Sub-Zero products and have impeccable knowledge of them. We stock only the finest Sub-Zero parts to assure that your commercial appliance is properly fixed and returned to the manufacturer’s standard.

Our twenty-four hour a day, seven-days a week contact center ensures that we are there for you no matter when your Sub-Zero needs repairs. Our staff will be dispatched promptly and thoroughly examine the Sub-Zero unit to correctly identify the problem. Once the issue has been detected, we will communicate the problem and the timeline and cost of the solution openly and honestly. You will never be surprised by hidden charges or undiscussed repairs. We will always communicate openly with you.

Commercial Ice Machine Repair

Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair is the one and only stop for commercial ice machine repairs. We seek to provide the best service and quality parts in the Los Angeles area. Never more than a phone call away, our service team is ready to return your commercial ice machine to working order.

Commercial ice machines can be extremely complicated to fix. At Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair we have the expertise and quality parts to make a broken ice machine run like new. Only the best parts are used to ensure that the ice machine does not become re-damaged soon after the repairs are carried out. Our staff will always inform customers of costs and timelines upfront, so there are never any expensive surprises on your final bill.

Our skilled repairmen understand that most ice machine problems are caused by water issues and do not have to do with electricity. With this knowledge, we can assure that problems are quickly tackled and the disruption to your business is kept at a minimum. High water temperatures, leaking in the machine, low water flow to the machine, and all other issues will be promptly diagnosed and treated accordingly. The repair staff stands on the legs of expertise and knowledge of ice machine problems and brands.

Commercial Oven Repair

The breakdown of a commercial oven can bring a kitchen to a screeching halt. At Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair, we understand that you need professional and prompt service when your commercial oven is broken. Our expert staff has extensive knowledge of most brands and are experienced in fixing nearly every issue that can arise through the use of commercial ovens. By choosing Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair, you are choosing the best repair staff that Los Angeles has to offer.

We guarantee that all the parts used during the repair are of the very best quality. This helps to prevent the oven from breaking again and keeps it running at its best. Whether the oven refuses to reach a hot temperature or always gets too hot, even if the pilot light simply will not stay lit or your oven has broken down in some other way, our experienced and skilled staff is here to ensure that your oven is promptly and thoroughly repaired. All of our repairmen are trained and have experience in fixing most problems and oven brands.

Always upfront about charges and timelines, we strive to never leave a customer waiting and wondering about the cost or state of repair-work. With Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair, you will never be left in the dark and will feel the support of professional, knowledgeable, and skilled repairmen whenever a problem arises. We are here to help all of those who rely on commercial appliances and know that superior customer service and quality work is the only way to maintain customer relations.

Commercial Stove Repair

At Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair, we are committed to the prompt and expert repair of all appliances, including commercial stoves. Our experts will ensure that your stove is fixed to the highest standards possible. We understand that being without a fully functioning stove is difficult and extremely inconvenient; our staff will work hard to get your kitchen back up and running quickly.

Our knowledgeable staff has been trained for any hiccups that your commercial stove may meet during its lifetime. Whether the stove’s pilot lights are out, the ignition is not lighting, or your commercial stove is displaying any other issue, we will provide the best service that the Los Angeles area has to offer.

We guarantee modern part replacement and will test the stove to ensure that its new parts are functioning correctly. At Pacific Commercial Appliance Repair, we are committed to customer service. This means that, along with being prompt and friendly, we will never use sub-par parts and all repairs are carried out using quality parts. Our skilled staff has expertise in all of the best commercial stove brands, including Vulcan, Viking, and Hobart.

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I had a fantastic experience with the repair service for my Kenmore Elite freezer. The technician was professional and courteous, and their in-depth knowledge of Kenmore appliances was evident. They efficiently fixed the problem and left my freezer running smoothly. Also, the duct cleaning service was exceptional. The technicians were thorough and meticulous, ensuring that all the dust and debris were properly removed from my ducts. The improved air quality in my home was noticeable immediately. Overall, I highly recommend this repair service. Their expertise in a wide range of appliances, promptness, and professionalism make them a reliable choice for all your repair needs.
San Fernando Valley
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My parents own a restaurant and their refrigerator head broke! I was skeptic to use Google to search for contractors but, luckily, I found Amir! He came in on the same day and fixed our commercial refrigerator. He told us what the problem was and did not try to bamboozle us with outrageous prices. He was very honest and took care of the problem. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
North Hollywood
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A couple days ago my walk in cooler stopped working. I called Pacific to fix this problem. They came on time, offered great prices, and reliable service. Reccomend to everyone!