commercial Stove Repair

For the residents of the greater Los Angeles area and the San Fernando Valley, having a heater that functions well in the winter is just as important as having the air conditioning available in the heat of summer.
What to Watch Out For

With the heater spending an entire season in non-operation mode, Pacific Appliance Repair Services suggests a pre-season check-up to avoid the unexpected disappointments when it comes time to turn it on. Of the factors that can cause trouble with a heater, some of them are:

– A pilot that won’t light
– No heat coming out
– The fan is not operating properly
– The fan makes unusual noises
– The thermocouple is

A key element

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The following list represents a number of items that may need to be checked, repaired or replaced:

– Pressure Switches
– Thermostat
– Inducer Motor
– Gas Valves
– Gas Furnace Transformer
– Circuit Board
– Combustion Blower
– Hot Surface Ignitor
– Filter
– Filter Door
– Emergency Shut-off
– Flame Roll-Out Switch
– Heat Exchanger

The home’s HVAC system is one that can be overlooked, especially when it performs well season after season. With the minimal routine maintenance of checking and changing filters, a heater will continue to deliver comforting heat even in the coldest of seasons. It is, however, when the heater is no longer keeping up with the chilling temperatures, or it seems to continue to draw more power for less production, or worse, it simply breaks down altogether that you will want to have the help and support of a service team you can trust.
What You Can Expect From Our Heating Repair Experts